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 Please go get Netscape 3.1 or better if you can see/select this! [ VIVIAN LAI ] ^.^ 

This page is dedicated to my very first favorite HongKong's singer!
nhu quynh

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Profile Updated on May. 23!!
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nhu quynh
P r o f i l e
English Name: Vivian Lai
Chinese Name:
Vietnamese Name:
Birth Date:
Birth Place: HongKong
Favorite Saying: Really?
Dog's name:

B i o g r a p h y

Written by: JH / Edited by: Sam Ho

G a l l e r y
Vivian Lai 1
Vivian Lai 2
Vivian Lai 3
Vivian Lai 4
Vivian Lai 5
Vivian Lai 6
Vivian Lai 7
Vivian Lai 8
Vivian Lai 9
Vivian Lai 10
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