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This page is dedicated to my very first favorite Hong Kong's singer!
Christy Chung

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Christy Chung
P r o f i l e
English Name: Christy Chung
Mandarin Name: Zhong Li-Ti
Cantonese Name: Chung Lai-Tai
Vietnamese Name: Chung Le-De
Birth Place: Canada
Birth Date: September 19
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Nationality: Part Chinese, part Vietnamese
Favorite Colors: Black & Purple

B i o g r a p h y
Christy Chung
Speaking English fluently, Christy was born and raised in Canada. She became an actress and model after winning TVB's Miss Chinese International, 1993 as a representative of Montreal, Canada. With her debut movie, The Perfect Exchange, and several other extremely successful movies, Christy has sky-rocketed herself to the top. One of her movies is Hong Kong's fifth, highest grossing domestic films (1994).

Naturally, as one of the most beautiful stars in the industry, there are rumors regarding her love life. The most notable one was the rumored relationship with Aaron Kwok when he bought a brand-new BMW for her birthday (1996.) Christy, however, denied the rumored affair, but admitted that she was dating a model, named Brian. Not much is known about him.

Written by: JH / Edited by: Sam Ho

G a l l e r y
Christy Chung 1
Christy Chung 2
Christy Chung 3
Christy Chung 4
Christy Chung 5
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