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Andy Lau Andy Lau
At At
Candle In The Wind Candle In The Wind
Crying Crying
Chinese 13 Chinese 13
Chinese 15 Chinese 15
CtyLand CtyLand
Dream Dream
Dreamdweller Dreamdweller
Dona Dona
Dust In The Wind Dust In The Wind
Feelings Feelings
Haftmoon Haftmoon
Hello Hello
Lovesomebody Lovesomebody

My Heart Will Go On My Heart Will Go On
Melody Melody
Midnight Midnight

Mornglow Mornglow
Romeo Romeo

Tango Tango
Vivian Chow Vivian Chow
Without You Without You
Yesterday Yesterday

A'o Lu.a H`a Do^ng A'o Lu.a H`a Do^ng
Bie^?n Nho*' Bie^?n Nho*'
Cho Anh Xin So Nha Cho Anh Xin So Nha
Chuye^.n Gia`n Thie^n Ly' Chuye^.n Gia`n Thie^n Ly'
Chie^`u Qua Pho^' Chie^`u Qua Pho^'
Con Ga'i Con Ga'i
Co Be Doi Hon Co Be Doi Hon
Co*n Mu*a Phu`ng Co*n Mu*a Phu`ng
Chie^`u Cuo^'i Tua^`n Chie^`u Cuo^'i Tua^`n
Chieu Tim Chieu Tim
Cafe Da('ng Cafe Da('ng

Do`ng So^ng Ky? Nie^.m Do`ng So^ng Ky? Nie^.m
Ga(.p Nhau La`m Ngo* Ga(.p Nhau La`m Ngo*
Ha?y Quay Ve^` Be^n Nhau Ha?y Quay Ve^` Be^n Nhau
Hoai Cam Hoai Cam
Khu'c Thu.y Du Khu'c Thu.y Du
La' Die^u Bo^ng La' Die^u Bo^ng
Lo`ng M.e Lo`ng M.e
Mau Nhuom Bai Thuong Hai Mau Nhuom Bai Thuong Hai
Ma('t Bie^'c Ma('t Bie^'c
Muoi nam tinh cu Muoi Nam tinh cu
Mua Thu La Bay Mua Thu La Bay
Mua Thu Mua Thu
Mu*a Ro*i Mu*a Ro*i

Nang Chieu Nang Chieu
Nga`n Thu A'o Ti'm Nga`n Thu A'o Ti'm
Nguo*`i Ti`nh Tra(m Na(m Nguo*`i Ti`nh Tra(m Na(m

Nhu* Va.T Na('ng Nhu* Va.T Na('ng
Ngu*o*`i Ti`nh Mu`a Do^ng Ngu*o*`i Ti`nh Mu`a Do^ng
Nuo^'i Tie^'c Nuo^'i Tie^'c

Paris Co Gi La Paris Co Gi La
Ruo*'c De`n Ruo*'c De`n
Sa Ma.c Ti`nh Ye^u Sa Ma.c Ti`nh Ye^u
Toi Muon Toi Muon
Thuye^`n Vie^~n Xu*' Toi Muon
Tinh Nhat Phai Tinh Nhat Phai
Ti`nh De^'n Ti`nh De^'n
Tra'i Tim Ngu.c Tu` Tra'i Tim Ngu.c Tu`

Tru`ng Vuo*ng Tru`ng Vuo*ng
Tra'i Tim Mu`a Do^ng Tra'i Tim Mu`a Do^ng
Tuye^'t Ro*i Tuye^'t Ro*i

Uo*'c Mi Uo*'c Mi
Que Huong Que Huong
Ve^` Da^y Em Ve^` Da^y Em

Vu~ Die^.u Ti`nh No^`ng Vu~ Die^.u Ti`nh No^`ng
Ve^` Que^ Ngoa.i Ve^` Que^ Ngoa.i
Xa Em Ro^`i Xa Em Ro^`i
Xo'm De^m Xo'm De^m

Xa Em Ky? Nie^.m Xa Em Ky? Nie^.mi
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