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This page is dedicated to my very first favorite Hong Kong's singer!
Vivian Chow

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Vivian Chow
P r o f i l e
English Name: Vivian Chow
Chinese Name: Chow Wai Man
Vietnamese Name: Chau Hue Man
Birth Date: November 20, 1967
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 51.5 kg
Favorite Saying: Really?
Dog's name: Ju Jai

B i o g r a p h y

Like many other celebrities, Vivian Chow came from a poor family. She was born on November 20, 1967. She was the only child in the whole family. Although Vivianís family was poor, her mother worked hard to raise her. Vivian, being as the only child, was loved by her mother very dearly. As Vivian looking back, she remembers the time her mother saved money to buy a small piano for her because she liked it so much. Now, years later, Vivian still considers the day she got the small piano from her mother the happiest moment in her life. Many times over, Vivian has helped others when they needed her most. With her caring and tenderness, God took Vivian through the first step of her life. Like many people, Vivian loved to sing when she was young. She used to sing at an orphanage to cheer up many children. With this singing, it helped her to train her lovely voice to be in the "new singers competition." With a short period of time, many people noticed her. Vivian began her music and acting career from then on. She was a DJ at RTHK (a Hong Kong radio station). With her sweet voice, it captured everyone hearts on the airwaves which eventually placed her second place in the DJ competition. Besides being a DJ, Vivian was also an actor who acted in the movie, "Sam yun sai guy" (Three Peopleís World). Later on, she pursued her singing career and was immediately noticed with her first song, "toi ha nuh jew kwok" (with SanCity).

Eventually, acting, singing, and being a DJ was too much for her. Therefore, she decided to quit being a DJ and pursue her acting and singing career. After several albums, and changing from company to company she finally landed a big contract with Polygram, one of the biggest recording companies. As more and more albums released, Vivianís name became more familiar to everyone, which later placed her as one of the top five female singers in Hong Kong.

Like and unlike many other singers, Vivian sang all of her songs with her true heart. When she sings, you can feel the emotions of a real singer. As time passed, Vivianís name was well known in Hong Kong. However, this didnít satisfy Vivian. In 1992, she entered the Taiwan marker with her mandarin album, "Rumors". It wasnít a long time till Vivian had a firm standing on Taiwanís music market. Besides being beautiful, Vivian is very talented. She can sing in four languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, and English. She also can play the piano very well. In fact, she earned 7th level piano level. Besides all of these things, Vivian can compose and write many songs. What an amazing celebrity!

After many years of hard work, it had finally paid off. Within a short period of time, Vivian worked with the company called "Yes!" As first time of publishing cards, Yes! came out with a great deal of cards with Vivianís pictures. By using the beautiful Vivian to promote sales, Yes! Cards, soon became very popular and other stars also began to appear in them. Soon, other companies started to promote many of their products with Vivianís images on it. Photos, posters, shirts, rulers are some of the examples. Although many other celebrities appeared on "Yes! Idols", Vivian is still the only idol that has the most "idol merchandise." Besides appearing in these products, Vivian also writes books. In 1992, she published the book "Dreams," which dominated in sales over many other celebrities. In the book, there were many pictures and writing about her personal life.

By now, everyone in the world should know her. She is a great DJ, actress, singer and author. Unlike many other stars, Vivian doesnít use her physical appearance to become popular. She uses real talent to let other people know what kind of person she is. She is a strong person with a very friendly heart. With these kinds of characteristics, everyone would love to have her as a wife. However, there is only one man who is lucky enough to marry her. By the end of this year, Vivian will be marrying... thus, I would like to "Congratulate Vivian and hope all of the best come to you!"

Written by: JH / Edited by: Sam Ho

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