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I don't know how to say this
It seams foreign on my tongue
Yet, it feels right coming out
Still, fear clamps my mouth tight
Holding fast

My heart cries to proceed
My reason haults my efforts
"Don't move so fast, you'll scare him"
"Proceeding with causion moves no where!"
Heart and soul tear

I want to tell you here and now
My heart pushes me forward
"The heart does not change!
Say it now or later and the answer's
still the same!"

I'm trying to say, "I am here
To be with you, against all odds
The journey was long -- you were far
The road was rough, yet I weathered it
here for you."

I open my mouth -- words resist
If you could break silence somehow
But I do not want to frighten you
So burried my heart, alive in a cavern
Far from you

With you, I feel amazing energy
This impossible feeling comes over me
We were ment to be, I feel whole hearted
God looked down and blessed us together
With a touch

The River

I walked along a cold river
Stone cold, glossy with ice
Picekd up a rock, smooth. Polished clean
By the surging, rushing waves
I threw it in

It hit with a silence
So it would not be missed
Just another rock to be lost
One in a million under the waves
It made no ripple

In the waves of ice and snow
clean and smooth,free of dirt,
free of marks, scraches, imperfections
inpenatrable by touch
no light can see inside
I jumped in

Female Tears

I saw him with her
in the hall
kissing her in love
a dark cloud formed

It was raining in my soul

I looked outside
It's raining there too
It made me stop to wonder
Is God a women like me?

Had a man broken her heart too?